A DRIVE Through History: Alberta’s DRIVE exhibit showcases automotive history

Edmonton, AB — A new initiative from the Government of Alberta gives the public a glimpse into automotive history as the DRIVE: Reimagining the Ride exhibit prepares for launch next Wednesday.

After loaning 12 vehicles from the 1890s to the 1990s from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum and the Remington Carriage Museum (RAM), the provincial government aims to tell the story of automotive innovation and creativity through this gallery style.

Using RAM’s 1,100 square meter gallery, the exhibit will feature some of the earliest car models in history, as well as solar-powered technological marvels and pop culture icons like the DeLorean.

“DRIVE: Reimagining the Ride takes visitors on a journey through the human need to move, innovate, make mistakes and try new approaches,” said Minister of Culture and Women’s Affairs, Ron Orr.

“It’s a celebration of the spirit of ingenuity and the diversity of the collections in our historic sites and museums. I encourage Albertans to take a journey through history to view this wonderful exhibit.

The exhibit also includes a Tinker Garage where visitors of all ages can participate in hands-on activities with a theme that changes each month.

DRIVE: Reimagining the Ride will be open to visitors until April 30, 2023. Admission to this flagship exhibit is included with general admission.