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Aligning with similar projects launched in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan, the Alberta government on August 15 unveiled the “Alberta is Calling” campaign, which aims to market the province as the place to go for workers. qualified from Canada. Operating in the Toronto and Vancouver markets, the campaign aims to inform eastern and western Canadians of the many benefits of working in a skilled trade in Alberta, including the highest average wages and lowest taxes in the country, shorter commute times on average and a lower cost of living in major cities.

The government plans to spend $2.6 million to get the Alberta is Calling message on radio, billboards and social media in the Vancouver and Toronto markets. In June, 78% of Alberta businesses said labor shortages had affected their ability to meet demand.

The move by the Alberta government parallels similar plans set out by the Nova Scotia government in December, which aim to double the province’s population by 2060 as part of a trades recruitment plan. trades, as well as in Saskatchewan, where some barriers were removed in April to create a more streamlined path for skilled workers seeking to practice their trades in the province.