Collision Repair Association is conducting a study on the mixing time formula

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) provided some additional details on their study launched in August on the accuracy of the mixing time formula commonly used in the industry.

Speaking at the association’s public meeting of the board of directors in late July in Pittsburgh, the executive director Aaron Schulenburg noted that the three estimating system vendors each set their own finishing labor allocation for a given panel.

“The time to finish a fender in Audatex will be different from the finish time for this wing in CCCwhich will be different from the finish time in Mitchell“, Schulenburg said. “Which is good, they each did their own research on this. All three companies identify 50% as a mixed value; despite the fact that they do not have the same finishing values, all identify the 50% mixing time.

“Our members have been challenging this for a long time,” Schulenburg said. “We don’t think 50% reflects what we actually do, because many tasks are associated with [blending] apart from just applying the base coat, which for a large part is the task that is being adjusted.

Schulenburg said that given the lack of “positive movement” SCRS has seen on the issue based on its long-standing discussion with estimating system vendors, the association is working with the top five finishing companies. on a study taking place in Global Finishing Solutions‘ Center of Excellence in Wisconsin.

“We’re actually going to use a systematic approach where we do a full finish on the doors, fenders, and hoods, then blend the doors, fenders, and hoods, to assess…