Collision repair: the future is now

Have you ever watched those movies that take place in the future, but the future is a wacky version of what really happened? For example, Blade Runner with Harrison Ford made in 1982 was set in 2019 but it featured synthetic humans known as “replicants” and showed flying cars. Obviously we never got there! Or Back to the Future II, made in 1989, where Doc and Marty traveled to 2015 and also experimented with flying cars but also hoverboards. Movies have always been wrong; civilization in the film has always been far more advanced than the real thing, but maybe that was the point. After all, Hollywood is synonymous with entertainment and hype.

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Sitting at the Collision Industry Conference last month in Phoenix and listening to the Future Disruptions Committee talk about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality and how they will affect vehicle repairs, I thought, “ Wow, maybe the future is here. The snow. And things are accelerating so fast that reality may soon catch up with the movies!” I mean, we’re talking about colonizing Mars, space tourism is fast approaching, cars are coming to drive themselves and the production of electric vehicles Artificial intelligence is behind the scenes of almost everything we do, and virtual claims technologies are advancing rapidly, with COVID helping to “accelerate” them.

I really think technology is catching up with the brains of Hollywood screenwriters – and that’s pretty scary! It’s food for thought when you think about how technology is changing your shop, vehicle repairs and the customer experience. If you don’t get in this flying car, you’re going to end up eating its stardust.