Edmonton collision center owner mourns employee after fatal attack

Edmonton, Alberta— The owner of an Edmonton, Alta. The collision center is devastated following the fatal attack of a longtime employee.

On May 18, Anthony Hai, owner of Albert’s Auto Body in Edmonton’s Chinatown, found his employee Hung Trang injured in a corner of the building following reports that a stranger had entered the building. company.

“I was at my desk here, taking care of some of my clients,” Hai told Global News. “Then we learned that a stranger had entered the store… We politely asked him to leave, without any confrontation.

“I followed [the stranger] as close but as safe as possible because I didn’t know what kind of weapon he had… The worker who was injured was unconscious. I followed him until the security team I called – I’m hiring a security team here for part of the business – they confronted him and kind of held him away before the police arrived.

The injured employee – later identified as Hung Trang – was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. He died on May 19.

Hai said Trang planned to retire next February after 33 years at Albert’s Auto Body.

While investigating the Trang attack, police were made aware of another incident a block south at 105 Avenue and 98 Street. When the police arrived, another injured man was found. EMS declared the 61-year-old man dead at the scene.

Justin Bone, 36, was arrested in connection with both incidents. He was not known to any of the victims, police said.

Hai says the events of the past week anger him more than anything.

“I’m still not scared or nervous. I’m just angry. I think there must be a change [in this area]he said, adding that he finds a minimal police presence in the area. “I have been in this field since I started my apprenticeship in this trade. i’m not going to leave [crime] to win.”