EV/AV report: March 14, 2022

Toronto, ON – In today’s EV/AV report, demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing in the United States, NHTSA is allowing autonomous vehicles (AVs) without human control, and EV batteries are proving dangerous when misused. manipulated – who knew?

Static shocks

Orders for Tesla vehicles surge in the United States as oil prices rise with no signs of stopping.

According to Electrek sources, orders for Tesla vehicles have doubled this week, citing rising gasoline prices contributing to the growth of electric vehicles in parts of the United States.

As the growth of electric vehicles has grown exponentially over the past few decades, a 2022 KPMG survey suggests that more Canadians are seriously considering electric vehicles, but would only buy them once their cold-weather capabilities have been proven.

robot car

Recent changes to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations have eliminated the need for self-driving vehicles to always have a driver’s seat, steering wheel, and associated steering column.

“For vehicles designed to be operated solely by ADS, manual drive controls are logically unnecessary,” according to the NHTSA report.

For more details on NHTSA’s changes to rulings on occupant protection for vehicles equipped with automated driving systems, click here.

Electric, non-explosive

A recent study by Sandia National Laboratories reveals that solid-state batteries, also known as solid-state batteries, can fail under certain circumstances. He concludes that while solid-state batteries may be safer, they are not indestructible.

Solid-state batteries can fail when crushed, punctured, or exposed to pressure, which can cause them to short circuit and create a flame as dangerous as traditional batteries. Both types of batteries can be dangerous in the event of a collision, but the study indicates that prevention is the ideal solution, rating the batteries according to their insulation and cooling capacity rather than their pyrotechnic potential.

You heard it here, people. Do not set fire to EV batteries, they will explode.