EV/AV report: March 7, 2022

Toronto, ON – In today’s EV/AV report, Honda and Sony team up to create more electrically integrated vehicles, charging stations set up in Gothenburg and KIA announces a range of 14 battery electric vehicles by 2030.

Technology driven

With rising oil prices across Canada, demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, contributing to the birth of a partnership between the makers of the Honda Civic and the PlayStation.

Today, Honda Motor Company announced its partnership with Sony Corporation to “establish the new company by 2022”. This aims to combine Honda’s automotive expertise with Sony’s electronic prowess, creating a generation of improved and environmentally friendly vehicles.

The new company is expected to form in 2022 and begin sales in 2025, pending an agreement between the two companies and regulatory approvals.

For more information on the Memorandum of Understanding between Sony and Honda, click here.

Electric parking

Volvo Cars has partnered with Momentum Dynamics to roll out electric taxis and wireless charging stations in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The fleet, made up of Volvo XC40 Recharge electric cars, is expected to drive more than 12 hours a day while covering 100,000 km each year. This program aims to demonstrate the feasibility of Volvo electric vehicles in a zero-emission urban transport fleet over a three-year period.

“Gothenburg Green City Zone allows us to try exciting new technologies in a real environment and evaluate them over time for potential wider future introduction,” said Mats Moberg, head of research and development at Volvo Cars. . “Testing new charging technologies with selected partners is a good way to assess alternative charging options for our future cars.”

Basalt and battery

Earlier this week, on March 3, KIA Corporation announced its key sustainable mobility goals at the company’s CEO Investor Day 2022 event.

These goals include selling 1.2 million battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2030 and integrating self-driving systems and connected cars into KIA’s future vehicles.

Starting in 2023, KIA plans to launch two BEVs per year with a full lineup of 14 BEVs by 2027.