GM, Lucid Motors and Rivian share EV collision repair considerations

Sales of alternatively powered vehicles, including electric vehicles (EVs), currently account for about 5% of all light vehicle sales in the United States — but that share is expected to reach 45% by 2035, according to a study Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

GM, Lucid Engines and Rivian representatives discussed the unique vehicle platforms they have developed and how their offerings differ from traditional vehicles at the OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at SEMA Show 2021. The session was part of the collision repair company Specialists (CSRS) Repairer Focused Training Series (RDE).

Following their presentations, a round table was moderated by Kye Yeungpresident of European automotive worksand Ron ReichenOwner of Bodywork and precision painting.

The session explored construction and repair considerations and opportunities, and how the collision repair industry will need to adapt.

“The inevitable growth of this market is a perfect fit for a top that has always had an eye on the developing landscape of modern vehicles, with a focus on emerging trends that influence vehicle repairability and industry readiness. collisions,” said Aaron SchulenburgExecutive Director of CSIS.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the session.


At the OEM Summit, representatives from GM Jennifer Goforth and John Eckchief collision officer for GM, discussed the OEM’s electric vehicle strategy and GM’s collision repair network.

Goforth shared information on the steps GM is taking to help transform the auto industry and some of the latest technologies used to maximize power, range and flexibility.

“We look at the technologies we need today and in the decades to come and we invest heavily in these new technologies to bring them to market,” she said. “We cannot move forward alone; that is why we are here today.

She said GM was passionate about its zero accidents, zero emissions, zero congestion strategy.

“The key to this vision is electrification,” Goforth said.

The electrical architecture used to power the latest OEM technologies, such as Ultifi and Periscope, is GM’s Vehicle Intelligence Platform.

Goforth also discussed GM’s safety research and development.

“At GM, safety is in our DNA. There is nothing more important than…