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Winnipeg-area citizens are once again safe from having their car windows smashed by a random stranger. Police have charged a 22-year-old man with 130 counts of mischief to property following damage to vehicles in Winnipeg’s west end.

Authorities said they received dozens of similar reports of damaged vehicles in Winnipeg, mostly in the west. Rows of cars parked along the roads had their windows smashed, they said.

After another round of damage was reported on a Sunday in January, authorities were able to locate a suspect with the help of a police helicopter. The man had used “some type of instrument to break the windows of the vehicle”, const. Dani McKinnon said. Police believe the man acted alone and was unrelated to any of the vehicle owners involved.

Posts about the series of incidents began popping up in Facebook groups last week. A man said his neighbor told him his car window was smashed around 11.30pm last Saturday; when he got out to check his vehicle, he said more than 30 neighbors were also outside checking their cars for damage.

He estimates that around 60 people were affected that night alone. “When I spoke to [police], they said I was about the 50th person to call,” the man told CBC. Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) received 130 vandalism claims on Jan. 31, it said. The day before, there had been only one claim related to vandalism.