Pride in Paintings: CPCA Announces 2022 Award Winners

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Paints and Coatings Association (CPAA) has announced the following awards, recognizing innovation in the Canadian coatings industry.

The Roy Kennedy Award is awarded to individuals who demonstrate outstanding contributions to CPCA. Only one is awarded each year. This year, it was awarded to Terry Sutherland of PPG Canada.

“Terry has been a valued member of key technical committees and working groups for many years and has made significant contributions to countless submissions and consultations benefiting not just PPG, but the industry as a whole,” wrote CPCA.

The Industry Achievement Award is awarded to individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement in furthering the interests of industry and CPCA. This year’s winners were:

  • Normand Guidon (Canlak)
  • Larry Lozinski (Cloverdale)
  • Jake Jevric (Lorama Group)
  • Adrian Krygsman, (Troy)
  • Patrick Rodrigue (Painting Micca)
  • Micheline Foucher (CPCA)

The Industry Distinction Award is awarded to individuals who have made a long-term contribution to CPCA at the national or local level. It was awarded to:

  • Eric Bos (Sansin)
  • Sharon Kelly (Kelcoats)
  • Pierre Chapdelaine (MF painting)
  • Michele Stauffer (BASF)
  • Dan Goldberg (Chromaflo)

This year’s awards ceremony will take place May 25-26 in Quebec City.